Frequently Asked Questions

1. When do I know if I need to get my roof fixed?

Look for the tell-tale signs of a damaged roof. This can include damp spots on walls or ceiling (including flaking plaster) or even dislodged tiles seen from the ground.

2. What do I do next?

Simply call Reliable Restorations on 0416 211 787 and we will come to see you and provide an obligation-free quote to repair and restore your roof.

3. How much can I expect to pay?

As every roof restoration requirement is different, we quote each job on an individual basis. Price will depend on a range of things – including the size and pitch of the roof; its height as well as the number of repairs required.

4. Do I get a fixed quote?

Yes. The job will be fully quoted and that price will remain fixed for an advised period. Quotes are free of charge and will provide a full outline of what is required.

5. How long will a roof restoration job take?

The length of the job will depend on its size and complexity. We find that the average tile roof restoration takes 3 days. This includes time for cleaning, repairs re sealing and painting.

6. What insurance do you have?

Reliable Restorations has $20million worth of GIO public liability insurance – to give you complete peace of mind.

7. What guarantees do you provide?

All of our jobs come with a 10 year guarantee.

8. What products do you use?

Reliable Restorations exclusively uses Dulux 962 Roof Membrane,This is a very high quality roof membrane system that provides a long lasting professional finish. The keys to our work are quality and cost-effectiveness using the best products available.

9. What is the difference between Roof Membrane and Paint?

Dulux 962 Roof Membrane is a high build elastomeric, flexible coating designed specifically for Roof Restoration. The film thickness of Dulux 962 is typically between 3-4 times greater than conventional paint.

10. Why is Dulux 962 Roof Membrane Glossy?

  • To duplicate the look of a new roof
  • Aids in the prevention of dirt accumulation
  • Is formulated with premium resins, utilising limited amount of gloss reducing fillers, ensuring the best quality finish

11. What colours are available?

We have a variety of 36 colours to choose from. View Colour Selector

12. Will you clean up after yourselves and is all the rubbish removed from site?

We pride ourselves on removing all rubbish and debris from the site.