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High Pressure Cleaning

We'll get rid of all the dirt, moss and lichen off your roof. We will also hose down the outside of your house including your gutters, fascias, windows, paths, plants and other surrounding areas.

Roof Repoint

The flexible pointing mortar is applied between 3-5mm thick and is used to seal the ridge cap, resulting in a strong adhesive bond to the tile. It is particularly good in flexibility when your roof expands and contracts due to heat.

Ridge Capping Repairs in Blacktown

Re-bedding is the process of reapplying cement under the ridge capping. A bedding frame is used to help keep the caps aligned and level. This helps to hold the caps down. It is a common misconception that all roof restorations require re-bedding, in most cases that is not true as removing all cement can cause the breakage of tiles and ridge caps, which in turn can be costly. In most cases re-bedding the loose ridge caps is all that’s required, as repointing with a flexible pointing material secures the ridge caps extremely well.

Roof Painting

All of your solar panels and sky-lights are covered up to make sure there is no over spray,Then two coats of paint is then applied for the ultimate protection of your roof.